Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Military Pacemaker Speed Graphic 4x5 camera system

Photos from a documentary still life shoot I did last weekend.  The camera is a 1950 Graflex "Pacemaker Speed Graphic" 4x5 with side mount rangefinder and 1951 Kodak Ektar 127mm lens.  This was loaned to me by a friend.  Great camera complete with case and accessories and looks brand new.  But I have to give it back....

The camera with kit.

Original flash bulbs.  You won't find these again.

The whole kit laid out.

Shooting Old Glory.

Sharing the spotlight with the civilian Crown Graphic.

No, the military and civilian worlds never clash...

Dropped bed, ready for action.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A few more colour shots...

Some digital and some Chrome Film.

Hasselblad 500C/M, Fuji Provia RVP II chrome.

Hasselblad 500C/M, Fuji Provia RVP II chrome.

Hasselblad 500C/M, Fuji Provia RVP II chrome.

Hasselblad 500C/M, Fuji Provia RVP II chrome.

Nikon D700 in the studio.

Hasselblad 500C/M, Fuji Provia RVP II chrome.  For those that do not know, Hasselblads have interchangeable film backs.  I had one loaded with Black & White, another loaded with the Fuji chrome. It only takes a second to switch them, so I was able to capture this in both formats.

Emma in the studio again.  Nikon D700.

Emma with the Baby Grey 4x4.  Shot with Nikon D700.

Jess in the studio.  Shot with Nikon D700, right before I broke out the Hasselblad and shot the Black & Whites.

Emma and I.  Nikon D700, shot by Lindsey.

Emma and I.  Nikon D700, shot by Lindsey.

Emma and I.  Nikon D700, shot by Lindsey.

All shot before she broke my heart.  Nikon D700, shot by Lindsey.

And Winter is Here...

   Wow, it's been a while.  I know I should keep this updated more often, but life just keeps bothering me.  So, without further ado, here's a bunch of pictures I've done since my last post...  I think...

Emma.  She has my heart, and she broke it.  Shot with Nikon D700.

There have been more car shows.  Not a Harley, but it was a nice looking bike all the same.  Shot with Nikon F5 on 25 ISO film.

This one is on my Desktop!  Love this shot.  Shot with Nikon F5 on 25 ISO film.

Up in the U.P.  Boat season is over!  Shot with Rolleiflex SLX on 100 ISO film.

The U.P. again.  Shot with Rolleiflex SLX on 100 ISO film.

Emma posing for me with my Rolleiflex 3.5F.  Shot with Nikon D700.

This is one of my favorites of all time.  Lindsey and Emma, best friends.  A simple capture in Black&White.  Shot with Graflex, Graphic View II 4x5 view camera on (I think) Efke 100 ISO film.  Might have been 25 ISO, I'm not sure anymore.

More Emma...  Shot with Nikon D700.

My Graphic View II 4x5 camera.  Shot with Nikon D700.

Jess in the studio.  Shot with Hasselblad 500C/M on 100 ISO film.

Arcoss the Pond.  On the actual print I made of this, I burned in the top and bottom.  This was an absolute sunny day with hardly a cloud in sight.  On this digital scan of the film, I added a gradient on the top and bottom to mimic the print so they look the same, but no further editing was done.  Shot with Hasselblad 500C/M on Pan F+ 50 ISO film.

My Rolleiflex collection.  But it's a working collection.  I shoot every one of these.  SLX on the left, 3.5F in the middle, and Baby Grey 4x4 on the right.  Shot with Nikon D700.

Just a Bad-Ass Ford!  Shot with Hasselblad 500C/M on Pan F+ 50 ISO film.

Digital is nice, but I so much prefer the film shot above of these two.  Shot with Nikon D700.

Shot this in film, but of course we use our digital to check settings before wasting film, so, this was shot with the Nikon D700.  I thought of Ansel Adams when I saw these trees with the snow on them.

This was a fun recreation.  I shot the original with my Baby Grey 4x4 and loved the way it came out.  Couldn't find the film, so I shot it again in digital so I could play around with it.  Then I found the film.... and made a print.   Shot with Nikon D700.

And here's the original film shot from the 4x4.  Shot with Rolleiflex Baby Grey 4x4 on 80 ISO film.  Same guitar, a 2009 Les Paul 1952 Tribute model, #40 of 568 (I think).

Ok, that's it for the pictures... for the moment anyway.
Hope you enjoyed them!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Black and White

Just thought I'd post a few Black and White photos I've taken lately.  I love Black and White photography. Seeing the world in a different light is just relaxing in a way.  Almost like a dream.

Hockey Stripes on a Camaro.  The last one of these I saw (was in colour) was a friends 1968 SS 396.  Hockey Stripes are just a rare bird, and beautiful.

I used to love Harley's.  Even chatted with Willie G. Davidson a while back.  I've gotten over them for the most part, but every now and then I'll see one cruzin' down the road and remember the good 'ol days, before the helmet laws and stupid legal junk that came with the governments attempt to outlaw these machines.  Sad when  country has to put up with such trash from it's own appointed legislation.  I guess that's a part of why I don't like politics.

Found a cool little Burger Joint at the end of town.  Great food, great music (I'm sure the young kids working there had no idea what they were listening too...) and a very relaxed atmosphere.  Hard to find places like this anymore.

Nothing special about this shot, I just like the banner on the telephone pole.

The tree in the front yard was frozen over and it looked really cool....  so of course I took a photo ;-)

Wood.  Lots, and lots, and lots, of wood.

From a cloudy day in Pennsylvania.  I just love this shot.  The contrast and depth of shades is so cool.  25 ISO film is just the best!

Another from the abandoned train station in Pa.

So I went to this Car Show

In Detroit, there is always an Auto Show going on somewhere, and of course, I always take a camera when I'm out of the house...