My "About Me" Page

Well, until they get tired of me, or I forget my password, I'll be posting whatever is on my mind, right here on this sight.

I have a page on Facebook too.  Doesn't everyone?  I post a lot of my picture collection there, and on Photobucket.  I'm reserving this little blog site for the ones that I have something to say about.  Every picture is supposed to tell a story... well, some are just a nice picture.  The ones that do tell a story really are worth talking about, and that's what I'm here to do.

Right now I'm scanning more pictures from my trip to Paris.  Beautiful place.  One day I'll go back.  (how many people do you know that have said that?)  It was a short trip, but fun, and I can cross it off my list.  Rome is next.

Here I am, an American Photographer living in Germany.  Only a few months to go and I'll be moving back to the States.  Been here five years and I love it.  If it weren't for the job moving me, I'd stay here as long as I could.  I was born in California and moved around a lot in my lifetime.  As an adult, I don't remember really being in one place for much more than two years at a time, and that was a stretch.  Even when I lived in Texas for seven years, I was traveling for work, gone for a year or more at a time, so I always had to find a new home when I came back.  Never bought a house, never had a wife or girlfriend stay with me long enough to buy a house and make that "American Dream" come true with a house, yard, white picket fence... etc.  Oh, well, life goes on.

I like Rock and Roll, Blues, and Classical music.  Most other types (and you know what they are) can fade away for all I care.  I like the music to tell a story, doesn't have to be any words in it.  As Gibson Guitars likes to say: "Words are just wasted time between Solos."...  I also play guitar, it's one of my musical passions in life.  I don't shred, I don't bang my head, I don't jump around like a wild child, I just play.  Sweet and Simple.  Let the music out and it will tell a story, you just have to listen.

So, I'm a photographer too.  I mentioned that already.  I like taking pictures and recording History.  For me, this is how our future will look back and know who we really were.  They won't need archeologists to tell them what kind of clothes we wore and how we got from place to place, they can look at a picture and see us and the cars/trucks/bikes we used.  Throughout time, people have recorded History for future generations.  Never before in History (that we know of) has mankind been able to record our lives as we have been doing for almost 2oo years now.  The last 50 years alone have seen so many advances in pictorial and audio recordings, it's just silly.  All better for our childrens children.  The feelings that go into a picture are what make it special.  That is what makes it a good picture or a bad picture, and the results will tell you if there were feelings put into when it was taken.  Everything needs passion.  If you don't have passion in what you do in your life (not referring to your daily job) then get back on the porch and just watch the rest of us.

That's it for the "About Me" section.  If I feel an overwhelming urge to write more....  I'll think about it.