Thursday, August 26, 2010

Berlin, East

There's no longer a split between East and West Berlin, it's all back to one City.  Been this way for a while now.  I was there this past weekend and I could see with my own eyes that there is no more separation.  If you really didn't know there used to be a split, you might not be able to tell.  Had three great tour guides.  They are photographer friends too, and they live there.  Even at Three in the Morning, the place is still moving with people on the subway, walking the streets

I really didn't want to leave there on Sunday evening.  As it happens, I couldn't make the last train out, so, I didn't leave.  Glad I was on Holiday and didn't have to be at work on Monday morning!  I can't wait to go back again.  In total, I took six rolls of pictures.  Next time, I hope to take more.  The one roll of Black and White film didn't develop very well.  Turns out the developer I was using is not suited for anything over 200 ISO film, and I was shooting Tri-X 400.  Not a complete bust, but the pictures are a little on the light side.  Photoshop helps a bit for the scans but I won't be making any prints off that roll. 

One thing I will recommend for any of you that want to visit Berlin, stay at the Circus Hostel.  You can stay at a Hotel, but the Hostel is great.  It's clean, comfy, simple for those who will be out all day and night and only need a place to sleep, which is all I needed.  Shower and toilet facilities were very clean and sanitary.  The wait staff was exceptional too.  Had a little trouble at first explaining How I was a citizen of a different country and didn't have a Passport....  but it worked out in the end.  If you're not from Germany, take your Passport with you just to skip that conversation.  And if Judith should ever happen to find my little blog here this corner of the internet, I will be back to teach you Fotografy!  I stood right in front of this young woman, camera in-hand, and was so entranced with her beauty that I did not even think to take a photo of her.  How dumb can I be, ya know?

So, six rolls of film and only a handful worth showing.  That's ok.  Most of them were larger scenery shots that don't look that good shrunk down as small as these photos go, so it all works in the end.  I have my memories and photos to look at, and you get to see a few of my shots here.  Go to Berlin and see the city for yourself.  The food is awesome too!  A cafe on every corner and ten in between.  It just can't be beat.  The food alone is almost worth going for.  Don't forget to make time for the Museums.  I only visited one Photo exhibit there, but they have some of the best Museums in the world right there, all in walking distance.  We only took the subway a couple times, and that was in the dead of night on the way to the Hostel for some sleep.  After walking all day, I was wooped, but it was so worth it.  Go to Berlin!

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