Sunday, August 15, 2010

Digital and Film.... not Digital vs. Film

Digital vs. Film, a debate that has been ongoing since.... the 1980's?  Well, I've made my part known in this debate also, many times.  Now I say "Digital and Film" and leave out the "vs".  Some like one, some like the other, and some like both.  No need to argue, they are both going to be around for a while.  Yes, I am of the belief that film will not disappear.  When it all comes down to it, they're both means to the same end, and they both work, it's just a matter of what YOU like personally.  So, really, there's no debate at all, people just want something else to argue over.  Heck, if you want to argue, get married.  And so ends the Digital vs. Film debate!

This photo is a quick mock-up for a discussion on a camera forum I frequent.  We enjoy our old film cameras, and some thought it would be nice to have a removable digital back for these old cameras for some times when digital would be a proper medium to shoot.  Not a bad idea.  Some of these old film cameras cost $1000 or more, easily, and they are wonderful hand built German cameras.  Yes, we're talking about the Leica.  The "M" series to be exact.  No need for pictures of it here, you have Google to answer all those questions.
So, in the talks of making a removable digital back, I did a quick mock-up to illustrate my idea for having all the components mounted on a baseplate that would be installed into the camera as one unit.  Simple and easy, no need to get too high tech with it.  The camera still controls all the functions of aperture and film speed, while the ISO of the "film" is selectable on the digi assembly when you put it into the camera.  No connections to the camera are needed so you don't have to modify your old body at all.  Quite nice I think.  Digital and Film, anytime you want.  You can even throw the digi assembly into it's nice little metal carry pouch (included with the assembly upon purchase) and throw it in your camera bag to take with you and have both any time.  Simple.

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